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Trending Hops for 2023

Trending Hops for 2023

Without hops, beer would be far less interesting. Learn about out the year's top trending hops being considered by craft brewers in our annual The Hop Report.

Top Trending Hops for 2023

In addition to being agronomists and scientists, hop growers have to be soothsayers. Due to the long gestation of a hop cultivar before it gets into brewing kettles, generally nine or ten years, there’s an art to choosing which types to send down the long path that culminates in testing by brewers and then entering the marketplace.

In the last decade, American hop growers in the Pacific Northwest, whose “green gold” has been driving the independent brewing movement for four decades, have been focused on dual-purpose hops while keeping a sharp eye on bittering hops. The brewers making the majority of beer in the U.S. and around the world, after all, generate a strong demand for bittering options. 

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