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What We're Drinking Now (Fall 2022)

These fall beers are sure to pair perfectly with viewing sports, raking leaves or just chilling with friends and family.

What We're Drinking Now (Fall 2022)

Autumn, for many people, is the best season there is. Sure, summer might hold the claim of being “school-free” for the kiddos and a time for vacations and outdoor enjoyment, but there’s just something special about fall – the crunching leaves, the cooling temperatures, terrific sports events and, of course, seasonal fall beers.

Whether it be easy-drinking amber or brown ales or adjunct-heavy pastry stouts that emulate various sweet desserts, the fall has plenty of options for craft beer fans in Georgia. There are an immense number of breweries out there to explore, and for each of them, myriad beers are available for thirsty patrons to imbibe. Read on to explore What We’re Drinking Now during the fall months of 2022!

Spaten Oktoberfest Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu

Spaten Oktoberfest – Rated 87


Munich, Germany

Regarded as the world’s oldest version of this famed style, Spaten’s Oktoberfest delivers on all of the spicy floral hops and rounded toasty malt characters expected of the style, and our judges claimed that its aroma was “at once soothing and beguiling.” They closed out their review with this lovely phrase: “Whether you celebrate Oktoberfest on the Theresenweise (the green space in Munich where the festival is held) or in the comfort of your own home, Spaten Oktoberfest is not to be missed.”

Punkin Ale Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

Punkin Ale – Rated 88

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
Milton, DE

Some craft beer aficionados scoff at the heavily spiced pumpkin ales that saturate shelves as early as mid-August, but there can be no denying that they are festive and fun beverages that are clearly quite popular – even if not all breweries necessarily need to make one. Of course, Dogfish Head in Delaware has been producing its Punkin Ale since 1995 – and its plethora of fans around the country seem to enjoy it plenty! Actually brewed with real pumpkin meat as well as brown sugar and spices, this is one pumpkin beer that actually tastes like pumpkin, which is perfect for the season.

Kujo Flying Dog Brewery

Kujo – Rated 91

Flying Dog Brewery
Frederick, MD

Everyone loves a good cup of coffee, and somehow a nice cuppa joe just hits differently in the autumn. Enter Flying Dog Brewery of Frederick, Maryland with its fall seasonal Kujo – a delectable cold press coffee porter that sits at 6.0% ABV. Named after Stephen King’s terrifying Saint Bernard creation, this beer “offers nutty, roasted malts steeped in sweet, chocolate-forward coffee” per the brewery and it finishes off with a velvety smooth finish alongside its lovely, caffeine-filled flavor. Replace your standard morning coffee with one of these during a cool autumn weekend and enjoy a grand day.

Hofbräu Dunkel Staatliches Hofbräuhaus

Hofbräu Dunkel – Rated 97

Staatliches Hofbräuhaus
Munich, Germany

The highest-rated beer on this list was produced by one of the most legendary breweries in the world: Munich’s Hofbräuhaus. While this brewery makes plenty of Reinheitsgebot-approved brews (the German purity law that restricts beer ingredients), this dark lager is the one that would serve as a flawless accompaniment to many an autumn event – whether it be raking leaves, watching sports or just enjoying a nice evening on the patio with friends and family. According to the brewery, this was also the first beer served in its Braune Hofbräuhaus, and it “still satisfies to this day with its roasted, hoppy taste and subtle malty finish.”

Lack of Fokus Best End Brewing Co.

Lack of Fokus – Rated 95

Best End Brewing Co.
Atlanta, GA

New brewery Best End Brewing Co. in Atlanta delivers a beautiful indoor and outdoor space with a smorgasbord of exceptional brews, including this “East meets West IPA,” which features an intriguing blend of American and New Zealand hop varietals. Pungent aromas and flavors pair perfectly with this beer’s soft, pillowy mouthfeel all capped with a snappy, West Coast-style bitterness.

Autumn Ale Breckenridge Brewery

Autumn Ale – Rated 93

Breckenridge Brewery
Littleton, CO

The pioneering Breckenridge Brewery in Littleton, Colorado has been pumping out high-quality brews since its inception way back in 1990, and this fall seasonal is no exception. According to the brewery, this seasonal “combines the malty goodness of a German lager with the clean crispness of an American ale.” Full-bodied with a nutty, sweet aroma and flavor, this seasonal gets the jump on other warming styles for autumn.

Haunted House Allagash Brewing Co.

Haunted House – Rated 95

Allagash Brewing Co.
Portland, ME

October is (obviously) the spookiest month on the calendar, and Allagash Brewing Co. in Portland, Maine certainly understood that when they created Haunted House, a “hoppy dark ale” that combines the brewery’s love for pitch-black porters and the brewery’s easy-drinking Allagash House Beer. Impressively complex, spookily dark and with a beastly ABV of 6.66%, this seasonal release is sure to put a spell on you.

Stark Reformation Brewery

Stark – Rated 93

Reformation Brewery
Canton, GA

Canton, Georgia’s Reformation Brewery brewed this year-round release “to celebrate harmony amid the noise of everyday life.” That lovely sentiment backs up what is indeed a terrific brew that delivers the roasty, rich flavors of a toasted porter alongside the silky-smooth mouthfeel the style is also known for. The brewery will periodically release fun variants of this beer, such as one brewed with coconut or hazelnut, so keep an eye out!

Surf Wax Burial Beer Co.

Surf Wax – Rated 95

Burial Beer Co.
Asheville, NC

While autumnal styles usually include darker colors, pumpkin and/or spices in the ingredient list and a heavy malt bill, a well-made IPA is always in season – as is the case with this outstanding offering from Asheville’s Burial Beer Co. A tremendous representation of the classic American IPA style with just a tad of the modern-day beer fan’s obsession with haziness, this yummy, hoppy brew is sure to hit the spot if you’re craving a hit of humulus lupulus.

Photos Courtesy Respective Breweries

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