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The Wizarding World of Butterbeer and How to Make Your Own Ancient Buttered Beere

Butterbeer, the bubbly, butterscotch-flavored drink from the Harry Potter series, is related in name only to buttered beere, a 16th century English drink made from beer boiled with egg, sweet spices, and butter. Fans of J.K. Rowling’s books may be interested in creating non-alcoholic and alcoholic versions of butterbeer, which can be served hot, cold or frozen. In Rowling’s books, witches and wizards of all ages enjoy butterbeer in restaurants like The Three Broomsticks.

More adventurous beer enthusiasts can attempt making buttered beer at home. A beer with roasted notes such as an English ale or Imperial Stout serves as a good base. Kriek, a sour cherry Belgian beer, is another option. Yet Universal Studios’ butterbeer may be far superior to buttered beer, said Denny Conn, author of “Simple Homebrewing: Great Beer, Less Work, More Fun” and co-host of the Experimental Brewing podcast.

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