Brasserie Dubuisson

Chaussée de Mons, 28
B-7904 Pipaix

The Dubuisson brewers are keen to defend the identity and the unique nature of their brewery and their beers within a market dominated by large brewing groups and flooded by a multitude of products. From this viewpoint, they confine themselves to a relatively limited range of beers, but beers that all display a very asserted character and personality. The Brasserie Dubuisson beers are noticeable by very marked aromas and flavours, without compromising or cutting corners. The “neutrality” and “smoothness” of flavours, aromas and tastes is not appreciated at Dubuisson. Each Dubuisson beer is a beer “with character” that the drinker will remember. While remaining true to the principles of traditional production, the Dubuisson brewery is constantly trying to improve the production process in order to meet the demands of customers that are spread out over every continent. All of the improvements are made using strictly 100% natural raw materials.