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Coastal Evacuation

Coastal Evacuation

New Jersey
United States
Coastal Evacuation

"Coastal Evacuation": a phrase common at the Jersey Shore. Hurricane season hits hard, and we're hitting back with a Double IPA able to withstand the storm. Copious amounts of Centennial hops dominate the flavor from start to finish. It's time to evacuate-are you prepared? It is a full-throttle Imperial I.P.A., brewed to accentuate the great aroma from the Centennial, Apollo, and Simcoe hops that dominate this beer, but keeping a great malt base intact that is sturdy but not sweet. Big on citrus hops, but with notes of apricot, mango, and a bit of a floral note, as well as pine needles and grapefruit, especially on the finish.  This beer goes down smoothly in a way that betrays its 8.0% abv and 80 IBUs.

Beverage Profile
Served at: 
Pilsner malt, pale malted wheat, and a touch of acidulated malt.
Bittered with Apollo, whirlpool addition of Centennial, dry-hopped with Centennial, Simcoe, and Apollo to the tune of 2 lbs. per bbl.



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Brewery Introduction

A couple guys and a beer — that’s how Cape May Brewing Company came to be. Back in 2011, they brewed their first batch of Cape May IPA, kegged it up, and sold it to a bar up the street…

…and began South Jersey’s craft revolution.