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Over the Ivy

Over the Ivy

United States
Over the Ivy, Confluence Brewing Co.

Imagine a perfect summer day at the ballpark... the smell of freshly cut grass, peanut shells on the ground, a hot dog in your hand and the company of good friends. At the crack of a bat, a thousand voices rise in excitement, and as the ball clears the wall, the crowd erupts in celebration. We crafted this pilsener in honor of those perfect moments. This beer takes a little longer to make than most, but its crisp and refreshing taste makes it a perfect pairing for long-awaited victories. Grab a 4-pack and go Over the Ivy with us!

Beverage Profile
Served at: 
38 - 45ºF
Bohemian Floor Malted Pilsner Malt
Czech Saaz



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