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Cosmic Pyrokinesis

Cosmic Pyrokinesis

United States
Cosmic Pyrokinesis, Mother Earth Brewing Co

High protein malts create a soft mouthfeel and characteristic haze which is accentuated by the omission of any colored or caramel malts to ensure it remains hop-focused. Oats and German Pale Wheat Malt add a light cracker-like flavor. The hop profile remains fruity with light citrus and tropical notes reminiscent of mixed berries, pineapple, and orange zest. Calcium chloride is added to accentuate palate fullness.

Beverage Profile
Served at: 
40 - 45º F
Mosaic, El Dorado, Amarillo, Belma



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Brewery Introduction

Founded in 2010, Mother Earth Brewing Company had one goal; to create distinguished, hand crafted beers that stimulate sensory conversation and a desire for the next sip. From a modest garage, to over 70,000 sq. ft., Mother Earth Brewing Co. maintains our original goal – to challenge even the... Read More