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Pulp Theory Hazy IPA

Pulp Theory Hazy IPA

United States
Pulp Theory Hazy IPA, Odell Brewing

What happens when the art of brewing and science of fermentation collide? Eureka! You get a brilliant creation and call it Pulp Theory. This 7.5% Hazy IPA was created to accentuate bold hop flavors of ripe orange, pineapple juice, and fruit punch.

Beverage Profile
Fresh Grind Galaxy, Cashmere, Strata



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Brewery Introduction

Odell Brewing is now the 34th largest craft brewery in the country distributing beer to just 14 states.. While the brewery crafts a variety of beers, its roots are built on British styles. Innovation and creativity meet balance, consistency and quality in each brew.

This balance is a not... Read More