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Intergalactic Space Rave

Intergalactic Space Rave

United States
Intergalactic Space Rave, Pontoon Brewing

We brewed this for our friends of Camp Reddaroo and The Roo Bus and created a beer that blasts off with real fruit flavor! We took apples, kiwi, white grapes, melon, lactose and vanilla! Tart, bursting with fresh fruit and extremely refreshing! This one is out of this world!

Beverage Profile
Served at: 
42 - 46º F



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Brewery Introduction

What's the Pontoon Lifestyle? It's a way to embrace Southern leisure with a fresh, modern exuberance. It's that sweet lookin' party platform on the horizon, rocking out to your favorite tunes and waving the ol' Red White and Blue as high as she blows! Pontoon Brewing is inspired by the South's... Read More