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Building Lives: Son of A Saint - Sonny's Spicy Margarita

Building Lives: Son of A Saint - Sonny's Spicy Margarita

United States
Building Lives-Son of A Saint-Sonny's Spicy Margarita, Urban South Brewery

Our latest Son of Saint beer is a take on Sonny's Margarita. We loaded this fruited sour with sweet Valencia Orange and Lime Juice, smoothed it out with a touch of agave syrup and then finished it on sea salt and gave it a kick with some Chipotle Pepper!

Beverage Profile
Served at: 
45º F



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Brewery Introduction

Welcome to Urban South. It’s a place where charm and grit mingle, and where everything’s shared. Down here, we share meals, laughter, and our homes. And we love sharing our work with you. We've set the table for a pretty serious party, honoring modern Southern values with worthy and daring beers... Read More