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Bong Parts For Beginners Guide

Bong Parts For Beginners Guide

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Bongs don’t only look and feel stunning, but they also produce some of the best marijuana hits. This fantastic item comes in all shapes, sizes, and materials, some more durable than others. Although many know how to use it, a bong has numerous different but essential parts that make it one handy item.

As a beginner cannabis lover, you may recognize the long neck, the mouthpiece, and the glass bowl, but did you know there’s more to a bong than those parts?

Continue reading to learn about the bits and pieces that make the whole bong and how they contribute to the amazing smoking experience!

What Does a Bong Have?

Those just stumbling upon an online headshop are surprised at how many parts a bong has. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced smoker who still finds a bong’s construction confusing, we made sure to add all essentials a bong needs.

If you have the usual glass bong, its anatomy consists of:

  • A neck
  • The downstem
  • The mouthpiece
  • The water chamber
  • The dry herb bowl
  • Additional bong accessories:
  • Percolator
  • Ash catcher
  • Splash guard
  • Ice pinch

Let’s learn more about each.

The Bong’s Neck

The bong’s neck is the most visual part of the bong. It’s where the smoke gathers from the bowl and ends with the mouthpiece, i.e., it’s the tube that extends to the water chamber. The neck is the longest pipe and starts from the base.

It comes in straight, curved, and some more unique shapes. This part is usually see-through, and some users call it the vessel. This is because you see the smoke’s entire pathway to your lips. 

The Downstem

The downstem is the pathway that leads the smoke from your base water through the tube. It is responsible for making the gurgling noise while inhaling cannabis. It also works to filter the smoke and create bubbles.

The main job is to cool down the smoke and allow it to be drenched in the bong water. The downstem that comes with your bong is sufficient for its size, but you can always opt for a bigger one.

The Mouthpiece

Before the smoke enters your lungs, it travels through the mouthpiece. This part is basically where the neck ends and the place where you inhale smoke starts.

Long ago, mouthpieces were the highest point of the bong and were horizontal. Now, this part is angled, coming from the side of the bong. With the modern mouthpiece, you won’t have to bend over or hover over the top of the bong to inhale a hit.

The Water Chamber or Base

A bong’s base is the bottom of the pipe. This part is filled with water, which is why it’s also called a water chamber.

The water chamber functions as a filter for your cannabis smoke. It’s where the smoke travels to get cooled off before you inhale it.

This is usually the widest part of the bong and can come in many shapes, with the most usual being beaker, straight, or round.

A straight-based bong chamber is the most popular shape, where the main body includes a single-cylinder form. The beaker shape has a conic base, and round bases have a flat bottom. All these shapes influence changes in airflow.

The Bowl

The bong’s bowl is where you put the marijuana. Simply said, the attachment holds the dry herbs or cannabis flowers and where you light them up. This is why most smokers think of the bowl as the starting point.

This part can be of various sizes, and you usually have to grind your weed before placing it inside. However, you don’t always have to ground the weed because this loses some of its potency. Instead, you can simply push a small amount of the cannabis into the bowl and light it up.

Additional Bong Accessories:

Aside from the main mentioned ones, there are several additional bong accessories. These are not necessary but contribute to a better smoking experience.


A percolator can make the hits smoother and cooler. Some bongs come with a percolator, while others allow percolators to be installed. This item’s main job is to cool and filter the smoke before it gets inhaled. The only downside to having a percolator is that they require regular cleaning, as it can easily get clogged.

There are tons of percolators in various sizes and shapes. As a beginner, you should avoid types with numerous tiny holes, like the honeycomb, because they can get blocked, making cleaning even harder and affecting your hits’ taste.

Ash Catcher

If you don’t have a percolator, the next best thing to get is an ash catcher. This glass bong attachment captures burned marijuana ash and keeps it from going into your mouth. Usually, the ash from the dry herb drops in the water chamber, but if you have an ash catcher, it can prevent it from reaching the water.

Some more advanced ash catchers can even replace the function of a percolator or have a built-in percolator that helps filter your smoke. An ash catcher is a worthy bong accessory as it reduces the amount of tar and residue from regular bong use. Plus, it’s also easier to clean than percolators.

Splash Guard

A splash guard is a barrier that stops the water while allowing smoke to pass through. It prevents the bubbling water from getting through the mouthpiece. They range in different sizes and shapes depending on the bong style.

Ice Pinch

Ice pinches are indentations in your glass bong to hold ice cubes within the neck of the bong without blocking the smoke.


Many parts make up a bong, but luckily, you don’t have to know every one of them to use it. However, knowing your bong's autonomy can help you to get the best experience out of it.

Before you jump into your smoking session, see to learn more about it. Start with the essential pieces and slowly build your way up, thus elevating your experience.