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Boys' Night Out Safety Tips That All Beer Drinkers Should Know

Boys' Night Out Safety Tips That All Beer Drinkers Should Know

Most people enjoy drinking beer. If there’s one thing people enjoy more than the beer itself, it’s the company of their friends while drinking it. Most people just want to have a fun night out, whether it’s in celebration of a particular event or if it’s just a simple get-together. It’s only natural that most people are going to want to focus only on enjoying the night, but neglecting your safety could result in an accident or an attack that could potentially result in injuries or death. These are some of the important safety tips you should always keep in mind.

There Is Safety In Numbers

As much as possible, you need to stay with your group. By staying close to your group, you minimize the risk of being singled out and targeted by unscrupulous individuals. Just make sure that the people you stick with are people you trust.

Get a Taxi or Hire a Lift

Whenever you travel at night, it’s important to always book a taxi or hire a lift via a ridesharing service. Remember that you’re going out drinking, and unless there’s someone who’s willing to forego the alcohol as the group’s designated driver, then you’d be much safer using your own car. However, you should make it a point to never drink and drive. According to this Seattle DUI Attorney, whether you cause an accident or not, you’ve already committed a crime by doing so.

Drink Moderately

It’s important to also set a limit to how much alcohol you drink. We all think that we can take a lot, but the danger is that sometimes, the body builds so much tolerance to alcohol that it cannot determine whether the levels of alcohol ingested are still within sustainable ranges. If the person cannot be roused from unconsciousness by shaking or pinching, or if the person’s skin is cold, pale and bluish, the person may be suffering from alcohol poisoning. If someone is suffering from alcohol poisoning, it’s important to get medical help as soon as possible in order to flush the alcohol from his system.

Always Watch Your Drink

Keep a close eye on your drinks at all times. Never leave your drinks unattended as even a momentary lapse is enough time for someone to spike your drink. Even men’s drinks get spiked, so it’s important to always ensure that what you’re drinking is safe.

Keep Your Valuables Hidden

Never flaunt your valuables during a night out. You could be calling attention to yourself unnecessarily. You do not want to be marked as a target for theft. Getting drunk makes you an easy target. Keep valuables such as phones, jewelry and your wallet hidden, and if you need to take them out, do so surreptitiously.

Stay Away From Trouble

If there’s trouble, you shouldn’t get yourself involved. If there’s a fight or an argument, get help from bouncers or the police. By getting yourself involved in trouble, you could risk getting thrown out with the troublemakers. Remember that you’re safer in the bar than out in the streets.

There’s nothing wrong with having a bit of fun, but it should never come at the expense of safety. Always plan ahead, stay safe, and most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy the night and the company.