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Aldersbacher Brewery

Aldersbacher Brewery

Freiherr-von-Aretin-Platz 1
94501 Aldersbach
+49 8543 9604 - 0

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In the heart of Lower Bavaria, in the valley of the Vils is the brewery Aldersbach, among other venues of the Bavarian State Exhibition 2016 "Beer in Bavaria". Aldersbach is also widely known for the former Cistercian monastery, whose church was equipped by the Asam brothers.

In 1120 the monastery was founded by Augustinian canons, in 1146 it came to the Cistercians. Soon the monks began to brew beer.
An Arbitration Letter from Count Albert von Hals dating back to 1268 testifies to the brewery business from that time. This makes the Aldersbach brewery one of the oldest in the world and celebrated its 750th anniversary in 2018.

In 1812, Johann Adam Freiherr von Aretin acquired the monastery and brewery, since then the Aldersbach brewery is family owned by the von Aretin family. The south wing of the monastery is used by the brewery; There is also the well-known Bräustüberl the brewery Aldersbach.