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Beat Culture Brewery

Beat Culture Brewery

7250 NW 11th Street
Miami, FL 33126
United States
(786) 431-5642
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Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday & Sunday: 11am–8pm

Wednesday - Saturday: 11am–10pm

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Beat Culture

| bēt kul-chər | . 1 . A craft brewery located in Miami, Florida. 2. Creators of all things fermentable. 3. Full kitchen.

We are a locally-owned and sourced, small batch craft brewery that seeks to redefine a one-of-a-kind experience by focusing on “all things fermentable” and creative seasonal food all in a comfortable environment. In our brewhouse, we craft traditional beer styles ranging from hoppy, fruity, barrel-aged creations, and addition to honey wine. While in our kitchen, we create breakfast, lunch and dinner offerings resulting from a fusion of local cultures.

Small batches over mass production. Local over imported…while maintaining our sense of responsibility to our community and environment.