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Night Shift Brewing

Night Shift Brewing

87 Santilli Hwy
Everett, MA 02149
United States
(617) 294-4233
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Mon - Sat: 12-11p, Sun: 12-8p

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Nightshift Brewing is Proudly Independent and Family Owned

Night Shift Brewing began as an idea. In a small kitchen on Josephine Avenue in Somerville, MA, Rob Burns, Mike O’Mara, and Michael Oxton began homebrewing beer for friends and family. This hobby took place after work, going late into the evenings, becoming what they called their “night shift.” It was 2007, and they hoped to share something more interesting and flavorful than the commercial options on shelves.

In 2012, we moved our hobby to a small Everett warehouse and officially launched Night Shift Brewing. Over years of long days and late nights, our “craft better” mindset has produced world-class beers, a passionate community of loyal customers, and a growing team of hardworking Night Shift staff. We are a proudly independent business – our three founders collectively own just over 80% of the business, with the remaining 20% owned by close friends and family.

We maintain a relentless focus on three values – inclusivity, integrity, and innovation. And we believe strongly in the mantra “all styles welcome” – this refers to what we produce, but also to the way we run our business. Join us in welcoming all styles of beverages, people, and ideas. We are here to celebrate great flavors and great friends. Welcome to the Night Shift.