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Darmstadt Landstrasse 185
60598 Frankfurt am Main
069 60 65 0

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We Think One Step Further

Who we are? First of all, we are Germany's largest private brewery group and part of the family business Dr. August Oetker KG in Bielefeld. But we are much more than that: beverage wholesalers, route logisticians, retailers, even express delivery service and providers of networked system solutions for the catering trade. We also have a stake in an online communication agency. But that's not all: As a branded body and soul, our portfolio with national, regional and international beers forms the core of our business model - rounded off with non-alcoholic beverages - from regional locations and central control systems. The distribution radius for our beverages extends to all of Germany - and (almost) the whole world: Because we sell our beers and non-alcoholic beverages not only in the north, south, east and west of the Federal Republic, but now also in more than 50 countries around the world . The trend is increasing thanks to our dedicated export.

With subsidiaries in beverage logistics and beverage wholesale, we are also one of the leading companies in Germany in this area. With Deutsche Getränke Logistik (DGL), a real thick ship of beverage logistics is part of our portfolio. And with our beverage wholesalers such as beverages Preuss-Münchhagen, beverages Weidlich or WIGEM, we supply around 15,000 catering facilities in Germany and ensure that nobody there has to do without their beverages.

In addition, there is the branch network of around 500 outlets in the beverage retail of our subsidiary Getränke Hoffmann, with which we also present an attractive offer to end consumers - from the far north of Germany to northern Hesse. At the same time, we are positioning ourselves more and more digitally - and working alone or with partners on networked system solutions for the retail and catering trade of the future.

And with our participation in the agency OnlineDialog we are also well advised in the area of ​​online communication.

But it will not stop there: We will continue to work on smart solutions and collaborations in the future, brush our market against the grain and think of unusual ways of working together. In our traditional market. But also beyond ...