B.O.M. Brewery

Oude Oekensestraat 3
8800 Roeselare België


BOM Brewery stands for Belgian Original Malt Bakery and Brewery. In the old days, each brewery had its own malting house. Starting from this tradition, we bake, as first malt bakery in the world, all our own malts ourselves. It concerns here new kinds of malt that we develop especially for each beer individually. They are unique and baked according or own creative methods.

We create our own beer recipes that we brew according to the principle of the gypsy-brewery. This means that we hire the kettles of a brewery to brew our own beer. We are convinced that not the kettles determine the taste of the beer, but on the contrary the malt baker and the brewing master.

The Triporteur beers are our point of departure and our basic beers. Besides those, we also launch a special beer line with once-off products. The beers are brewed using special grains, malts or ingredients and will be put on the market under the collective name Special Roast Series.