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Grist Brewing Co.

Grist Brewing Co.

9150 Commerce Center Circle
Suite 300
Highlands Ranch, CO 80129
United States
(720) 360-4782
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Hours of Operation
Monday - Thursday: 1PM - 10PM
Friday: 1PM - 11PM
Saturday: 12PM - 11PM
Sunday: 12PM - 9PM

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About the Brewery

Four minds are always better than one and three savings accounts plus one swinging for the fences on a new career might just be the recipe for the pursuit of better beer by us at Grist Brewing Company. All good brewers got their start in a garage, kitchen or alley most likely extract brewing, experimenting a lot and consuming all those grand experiments. Only the truly dedicated, or some might say crazy, join the cast of characters that make up the Craft Brewing industry. We are one of innovation, dedication to flavor and quality, collaboration, and contribution to our communities by job creation and charitable donation.

We opened November 2nd, 2013 and have not looked back, or had little time to sleep. At Grist we aim to brew classic styles for those just starting to dabble in craft beer consumption while challenging ourselves with hints of experimentation with Belgians, spiced stouts, barrel aging and the ever changing scope of hops and malt builds that give all great craft beer their character.

We have a 20 barrel brewhouse with 4 x 20 barrel fermenters and 1 x 20 barrel brite tank from WM Sprinkman Corporation, an American brewhouse manufacturer. It will always be important to us to support the folks that will be visiting our taproom and enjoying our beer in local bars and taphouses.

So come by; enjoy a brew get to know more of our story, our staff and most importantly toast to the ongoing Craft Beer Revolution now south of Denver in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.


About the Beer

Our beers are true to the style…for the most part. All of our beers are approachable. After all, if you don’t want to drink them, we shouldn’t be making them.

The couple words that all of us at Grist relate to and try to emulate in our beer are, "Science Balanced With Creativity." We take our core beers, or as we like to call them, our Science Beers, very seriously. We analyze them on the UV-Vis spectrometer for IBU and SRM, we count yeast cells before pitching, we match OG and FG, all that so we can assure every batch is the same and every time you order a Science Beer you know what you are getting. Our Creative Beers, well, those are our one-off, seasonal, specialty beers that we don't try to match with anything else. We like the Creative Beers to be a little different. A little bit out of style. However, still approachable.