Innis & Gunn Brewing Co.

22 Inveralmond Pl
United Kingdom
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Thursday 10AM–4PM
Friday 10AM–5PM
Saturday Closed
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Monday 10AM–4PM
Tuesday 10AM–4PM
Wednesday 10AM–4PM



In 2002 our Founder and Master Brewer Dougal Gunn Sharp was asked to create a beer to mature in bourbon barrels to impart a sweet, malty flavour. This beer would then be thrown out, and the barrels would go on to age spirits. But Dougal had a brain wave;

What if this was the start of something great?

What if the beer was actually getting better whilst in the barrel? Turns out, he was absolutely right and Innis & Gunn was born.

Since our creation in 2003, we’ve been busy brewing up an ever growing range of flavour packed beers. In 2013 our Barrel Aged line up was joined by an award winning Lager Beer, which soon become the fastest growing Lager in Scotland, and was swiftly followed by our IPAs for those who prefer a hoppier brew.

He then wondered what if we had our own bars to showcase these brilliant beers?

Great question and luckily the answer was easy: the Innis & Gunn Beer Kitchens. There’s a staggering range of our own beers alongside our favourites from other local brewers and around the world, and we’ve paired them with delicious dishes like IPA Battered fish and chips or the Scotch Egg with a Beery ‘Brewn’ sauce.

Dougal continued to create new recipes and beers, but he couldn’t stop wondering what if we had our own brewery?

So in 2016 we took a momentous step after raising £3 million through our BeerBond and acquired the Inveralmond Brewery in Perthshire. Now Dougal and our team of talented brewers are continuously experimenting with new innovations to create the beers of tomorrow.