Original Grain Watch Co.

United States
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Original Grain was started in 2013 when brothers Ryan and Andrew Beltran were inspired to create a watch that simply didn’t exist. Influenced by their roots growing up in the Pacific Northwest, the mission was to create unique timepieces that seamlessly integrate natural hardwood and stainless steel. Today, Original Grain is not only known for the craftsmanship that goes into each design, but the stories that can be told about the materials used.


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To honor this noble profession, Original Grain has created a unique timepiece: The Brewmaster. Each watch is made with authentic reclaimed wooden beer barrels, using a tempered carbonization process that extracts the utmost individuality from every ale-soaked artifact. Flame tempering brings out the true grain, yielding a distinctive finish to the Oak wood dial. The brushed silver steel lends contemporary strength, while the custom “Brewmaster” crest on the face says it all. It’s a watch made with the same passion and patience found in the world’s greatest brews masters. It can only be worn with pride.

It was the Brewmaster who tirelessly blazed the trail of liquid innovation, carving recipes on clay tablets, harnessing the power of hops during the Middle Ages, and opening the first commercial brewery in New Amsterdam, before it became New York City.

With skill, savvy, and an unwavering dedication to his craft, the Brewmaster has done much more than satisfy thirsts--he has spearheaded civilization’s forward momentum.