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Craft Beer Cellar Clarifies Mission 
Boston, MA, December 19, 2014 ­

Craft Beer Cellar, a family of independently owned craft beer retail stores, had used definitions developed by the Brewers Association, an organization dedicated to protecting and promoting American craft brewers, as a guideline for developing their own mission. As the craft beer industry continues to grow and breweries look to create financial stability through outside investment, co­founders Suzanne Schalow and Kate Baker decided it was time to refine their own mission; one they feel is a better representation of their founding values. “After a few years, we’ve gotten a better understanding of what really matters to us and what we stand for,” said Schalow.

Effective January 1, 2015, Craft Beer Cellar will continue to focus on supporting great beers. The difference is that they will no longer exclude beers based solely on ownership. “What this means is that we are focusing on what Craft Beer Cellar has always been about; really good beer. Every beer will need to earn its place on our shelves regardless of who owns them. This will include an evaluation of the beers we currently carry to make sure we are staying true to our founding values,” said Schalow.

What does this mean for Craft Beer Cellar customers? “Nothing!,” said Schalow. “We will continue to push ourselves to provide the best beer possible. Any beer we add to our shelves will need to be of outstanding quality, which has always been our mission.” Craft Beer Cellar credits the Brewers Association for helping them define and develop their mission and looks forward to continuing a close working relationship.

Craft Beer Cellar Mission Statement: Craft Beer Cellar is committed to driving the growth and awareness of craft beer through hospitality, education, and support of exceptional beer.

Craft Beer Cellar was founded in 2010 by Certified Cicerones® Suzanne Schalow and Kate Baker in Belmont, Massachusetts. Plans to franchise were announced in 2012 and the first franchise Craft Beer Cellar opened in Westford, MA in October of 2013. The family now includes 13 stores in 7 states with more stores in planning for 2015. Craft Beer Cellar won Boston Magazine’s Best of Boston award in 2013 and 2014.



Kate Baker
Kate Baker
Suzanne Schalow
Suzanne Schalow