Gremlin Growlers

Gremlin Growlers
101 Crossings E
Suite 8
Peachtree City, GA 30269
United States
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Tue-Thurs: 10:30am-9:30pm

Fri-Sat: 10:30am-10:30pm

Sunday: 12:30-8:30


Hand a member of the "Best Damn Beer Team" your vessel and we'll clean it while you peruse. We're infinitely flexible, as wowing your palate is our main goal. Feel free to tell us some of your favorite beers. If we're not currently pouring them, they'll still make great guiding stars. We also excel at making beer & food pairings, or pushing the boundaries of your perception when it comes to the world's oldest fermented beverage. 

Glenn Gresham
Glenn Gresham
Fearless Leader

There is an analogus situation to that of Glenn and beer to Hailey's Comet and Mark Twain. Glenn was born just as the first craft brewers dared to dream of daringly, delicious, drinkables. Glenn has been part of the local craft beer industry since 2008. He has held poisitons as a head beer buyer, founder of "Brewed There Drank That" beer blog, and had the pleasure of working with the Beer Coinnesuer Magazine. Glenn saw what Gremlin Growlers should be, a place where it's fulfilling to support American Made. A place that offers a second to none experience because the staff is better trained, passionate, in a word... Authentic!

Justin Woods
Justin Woods
Beer Envy Engineer

Beer is a passion of Justin's and he simply likes beer, many types of beer, and just might drink it everyday... of course in moderation. He believes in handling, collecting, and tasting beer with the same respect as a wine or music lover. His affinity for craft beer started in 2009 where hunting for new beers became a hobby. Hunting for new beers is an exciting adventure for Justin and inevitably results in new acquaintances. For him, drinking beer is about enhancing the quality of life through flavors, feelings, and friends. He loves beer alone, especially enjoy sharing with, and teaching others about different flavors you get from craft beers.