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Greater Yellowstone Multisport & Beer Adventure

July 9-13, 2016

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Coupon: BeerConn16


Journey through America’s first (and probably favorite) national park all while sipping on some seriously tasty suds. Who wouldn’t want to hike, horseback ride, and raft their way to a number of Montana and Wyoming breweries in the incredible greater Yellowstone ecosystem?


Colorado Beer, Hike & Bike Adventure

October 3 – 7, 2016

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Coupon: BeerConn16


Hike and bike your way through some of the most beautiful regions of Colorado, visiting Boulder, Fort Collins, and Rocky Mountain National Park. Each day you’ll start with a hike or bike ride through stunning scenery and end with a sampling Colorado's finest brews. Plus on the last afternoon of the tour, we hit up the Great American Beer Festival!



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