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Spoetzl Brewery Launches Nationwide Rollout of Revamped Shiner Bock Cans

Discover the revamped Shiner Bock cans from Spoetzl Brewery! Embrace Texas tradition with modern flair. Explore the iconic craft beer's rich heritage and smooth taste today.
Spoetzl Brewery Launches Nationwide Rollout of Revamped Shiner Bock Cans

Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, Texas, the renowned craft brewer behind Shiner Bock, has unveiled its latest packaging update, now available across the United States. The refreshed design pays homage to Texas heritage and history while introducing a contemporary flair to the beloved amber Lager.

In a bid to celebrate its deep-rooted Texan origins and historical legacy dating back to 1909, Spoetzl Brewery has announced the nationwide availability of its revamped Shiner Bock cans. The latest redesign showcases a fusion of tradition and modernity, aiming to capture the essence of Texas culture.

The updated packaging features a prominent depiction of Texas on the cans, alongside an eye-catching ram emblem and simplified typography. These changes are not merely cosmetic; they are strategic moves to enhance brand visibility and recognition amidst a competitive craft beer market.

The unveiling of the new cans coincides with the launch of a spirited marketing campaign titled "It's a Texas Thing," spearheaded by acclaimed actor Jesse Plemons. Through this campaign, Shiner Bock endeavors to reinforce its position as the quintessential craft beer choice in Texas, appealing to both loyalists and newcomers alike.

Shiner Bock, boasting an ABV of 4.4%, is celebrated for its smooth and rich flavor profile, marrying old-world Bavarian tradition with American craftsmanship. Since its inception 111 years ago in Shiner, TX, the beer has garnered a loyal following, earning the title of the number one Craft Beer in Texas.

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Spoetzl Brewery's rollout of the revamped Shiner Bock cans marks a significant milestone in the brand's journey, blending tradition with innovation to captivate beer enthusiasts nationwide. As consumers eagerly embrace the updated packaging, Shiner Bock reaffirms its status as a cornerstone of Texan brewing heritage.