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Bam Bière

Judges Rating: 
20 / 24
6 / 6
36 / 40
8 / 10
Overall Impression: 
16 / 20

Firmly straddling the line between Old World classicism and New World swagger, Jolly Pumpkin produces quirky, hugely flavorful beers, providing drinkers with an updated take on the more rustic “farmhouse” brewing tradition. At 4.5 percent ABV and loaded with spicy aromas and flavors, Bam Bière is brewed loosely in the saison style, yet the lower alcohol makes for seriously quaffable brew. When Bam Bière hits the glass, the room is drenched in savory aromas of pepper, new-mown hay and even a touch of horse blanket (this is not a bad thing). Pete commented on the assertive “fresh ground pepper” spice in the nose but managed to dig deeper to uncover an intriguing “ripe, juicy nectarine” fruitiness that complemented the other aromatics and lent “exceptional complexity” to the aroma. Rick keyed in on the Brettanomyces notes but felt that were just a touch overpowering and “buried” any hops that may have been present. Pouring a deep, radiant golden brown and kicking up a rocky, creamy off-white head, Bam Biere’s appearance is vintage saison. Buoyed by a faint sourness and an achingly crisp, dry finish, the malt flavor flirts with overt sweetness countered by fermentation flavors of leather, Clementine and pungent white pepper. Tim had high praise for the “complex fermentation profile,” rife with Malabar pepper, lemon zest and hay. He did, however, find the malt a little musty and the Brettanomyces notes a bit too forward. Bam Bière would not be out of place in any classic Belgian pub.