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July, 2017
Judges Rating: 
23 / 24
4 / 6
39 / 40
9 / 10
Overall Impression: 
19 / 20

Stick your nose into a bowl of fresh tart cherries and imagine the pie they will become. Add some oak, a hint of funk and some cherry pie spice and that’s how this beer smells. A hazy pink effervescent circus fills the glass with a pink tinted white crown floating on top. It starts sweet tart and goes bone dry on the finish. I know these cherries. I have eaten them in every way possible for over six decades. They are from Northern Michigan’s Leelanau or Mission Peninsula bathed in cool Lake Michigan breezes and the brewer has expertly captured their essence. A background flavor suggesting flaky cherry pie crust softens the tartness while the oak tannins and flavors – especially vanilla - add richness and dimension. Few people have handled Northern Michigan cherries as well as this brewer.