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April, 2017


New York
United States
Judges Rating: 
22 / 24
6 / 6
36 / 40
10 / 10
Overall Impression: 
18 / 20

Casey Farmhouse Ale by Equilibrium Brewery is an American Wild Ale (BJCP 2015 Category 28B). When one talks about a farmhouse ale, they typically mean a saison. In the US, it seems to have become a variation of a classic saison using more citrus/tropical hops as opposed to the earthy noble varieties or having a bit of wild funk/sourness to it. Casey doubles down and employs both of these which take over much of the saison character.

The beer pours a deep straw color with a faint haze lending to golden notes and a bright white head with some Belgian lace. The aroma has a moderately strong lactic tart/funk (green apple, lemon) up front similar to that of a young lambic. This leads into a fruity/tropical hop-like character and some crackery, doughy malt underneath. Finally there is a bit of the classic saison character with some light spice (white pepper, ginger, anise) and earthy notes.  The flavor is similar with the fruity hop character (white grapes, mango) and lactic tartness at forefront. Despite the hoppy character, there is very low bitterness, but the dry slightly puckering finish holds back any sweetness. It is rather cider-like in how it sits on the tongue.

This beer does a wonderful job of marrying the hops to the sourness, but it leaves the farmhouse behind at the alter. Saisons can have a bit of tartness and hops to them, but this exceeds those levels, especially on the sour front and would better suited just calling it what it is, a dry hopped sour ale. If you popped this bottle expecting a saison you'd be pretty disappointed, however you'd get over it pretty quick because of how good it is.