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Harvest Ale

Judges Rating: 
22 / 24
6 / 6
39 / 40
9 / 10
Overall Impression: 
20 / 20

Southern Tier heralds autumn with its annual release of Harvest Ale, a decidedly American take on the British classic – Extra Special Bitter. Southern Tier has never been bashful when it comes to hops and this beer is no exception. The nose brims with notes of pine, orange peel and hints of pineapple, yet some malt manages to fight its way through. Pete enjoyed the substantial orange zest and pineapple, but thought the toasty and light caramel corn-like malt helped tame the dominating hop aromas. Crowned by a dense, creamy white head, Harvest pours a brilliantly clear, deep golden that Lee likened to “sparkly, honeyed nectar.” Not unexpectedly, hop bitterness and flavor are up front, yet there is plenty of malt to keep things in balance. Tim was taken by the marriage of caramel, fresh baked bread and lime zest. He deemed the beer crisp and refreshing though it packs a hefty 6.7 percent ABV. In Harvest Ale, the folks at Southern Tier have yet another winner in their impressive lineup. Whether you prefer a “traditional” British Extra Special Bitter or your tastes lean toward the more assertive American upstarts, make it a point to seek this one out. As the weather cools and days start to shorten, this beer should be a mainstay in any properly-stocked beer fridge.