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Judge's Review: 87 Rating - Lake Haze #10 by Wallenpaupack Brewing Co.

August, 2020
Judges Rating: 
20 / 24
6 / 6
34 / 40
10 / 10
Overall Impression: 
17 / 20

Lake Haze #10 by Wallenpaupack Brewing Co. is a Double IPA (BJCP category 22A), but due to its ultra-hazy nature and low bitterness it falls into the Specialty IPA subcategory (21B) as a New England Style. It pours a murky yellow with some orange notes and is so opaque that it’s almost honey-like in appearance. It has a foamy white head that clings to the glass. The aroma is very fruit-forward from the hops leaning largely towards tropical (mango, passionfruit) and citrus (tangerine, grapefruit) as well as some stone fruit (nectarine), which may come from yeast esters. Beyond the fruit medley is a low malt profile with some grainy, doughy notes like fresh pizza crust.

The flavor is similar with a tropical punch, which reminds me of my kids’ juice blends -- the good kinds like Langers with real juice, not the sugar-laden fake stuff from when I was a kid. Although there is a high level of hops, the bitterness is quite tame, but enough to feel it on the palate and keep it from being too sweet. There is also more of a malt balance (albeit still background) of honey wheat bread and toasted oatmeal, which blend well into the soft mouthfeel despite a dry finish. It’s also very easy to drink despite its alcohol content (8% ABV) as it goes down smoothly without any warmth. I’m very impressed with the quality of this brew using 3 newer hop varietals, which I actually had to look up after as I was unfamiliar with them. Sad to see this is a rotating IPA, so better get some now while you have the chance.