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Judge's Review: 88 Rating - Buenos Tiempos by Belching Beaver Brewery

May, 2019
Judges Rating: 
21 / 24
5 / 6
37 / 40
8 / 10
Overall Impression: 
17 / 20

Buenos Tiempos by Belching Beaver Brewery a Mexican Lager and is being evaluated as a BJCP 2015 style 2A International Pale Lager. It pours with a big poofy (but fairly loose) white head that quickly fades to a small cordon ring at the edge of the glass. The beer is slightly hazy and a very light straw color.  There is a very light grainy malt aroma, with just a hint of floral hops, and a background herbal note. The flavor echos the aroma with light grainy malt notes and light floral hops, but also light corn, and particularly a light cooked corn (DMS) note (which is OK for the style). A very light body, balance between the malt and hops is about even (both very low), and a short finish that ends with an herbal/green-leaf/forest-floor type of thing. Medium low bittering puts a slight astringency at the end. Carbonation is medium low, and with the light flavors all around, this is a beer best consumed on the cold side.  Drink this after mowing the back 40 with a big pile of freshly made tortilla chips and some homemade guacamole.