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Judge's Review: 88 Rating - Riegele Dunkel by Brauhaus Riegele

December, 2018
Judges Rating: 
21 / 24
5 / 6
37 / 40
8 / 10
Overall Impression: 
17 / 20

Riegele Dunkel by Brauhaus Riegele was judged as BJCP category 8A, Munich Dunkel. This beer’s rich malt aromas and flavors remind me of Nutella on lightly toasted bread with the sweetness toned down. The rich malt is soft and complex with bread crust, hints of chocolate, nuts and a clean fermentation character. There are no burnt, bitter or harsh malt or caramel flavors. Low but noticeable hops provide a light balancing bitterness to soften the mild sweetness. The beer’s medium body has a sensual creaminess and a soft mouthfeel. The carbonation is moderate and there is nothing harsh or astringent. This is a beer to serve with food. Towards the end of the glass the nuttiness gets a little intense, but this is a beer to serve with food. The rich, nutty, malty flavors and aromas of this Munich Dunkel have me craving rich, aged cheeses, some smoked pork butt, roasted chicken, grilled sausages or a grilled New York Strip steak.