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Judge's Review: 90 Rating - Fearless Youth by Grimm Brothers Brewhouse

June, 2019
Judges Rating: 
22 / 24
6 / 6
36 / 40
8 / 10
Overall Impression: 
18 / 20

Fearless Youth by Grimm Brothers Brewhouse is being judged as BJCP category 8A, Munich Dunkel, and is presented in a traditional 200 ml stange glass at 45oF. The color is a amber -orange-dark copper of roughly 13 SRM (on the light end of the spectrum for the style), with bright but not brilliant clarity.   The 2 inch cream-colored foam exhibits fine texture and excellent stand.  

The nose is light and toasty with only a hint of very light chocolate mixed with a soft candy-malt sweetness and a hint of sulfur.  Beneath this baseline aroma, brought out by swirling, is a deeper dark Munich malt character that presents both toasted bread and a dark, sweet maltiness. 

The flavor is creamy smooth and soft  dark toastiness and a modest but notable chocolate character mixed with low bitterness and a nice herbal spiciness. The mid-palate accentuates the full and richly deep malt flavors, while the finish is bright and somewhat dry, short and crisp. A lingering herbal-spicy malt note emerges in the aftertaste blending with what seems like some light carafa malt dryness. Body is medium, texture is smooth and creamy, carbonic bite is low -- indeed, the beer could use a bit more conditioning for drinkability. No matter, it's great to see brewers making this underappreciated  style. 

Overall, a lovely rich and toasty dark lager with clean flavors and dry finish. The beer would pair well with tons of foods, but I'm thinking a well-darkened and seasoned risotto would work splendidly.