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Pride & Joy

Judges Rating: 
21 / 24
6 / 6
36 / 40
10 / 10
Overall Impression: 
17 / 20

One of four breweries in this review from the now-legendary Class of 1996, Three Floyds has become an Indiana institution, providing monstrously flavorful beers to a thirsty (and rapidly expanding) fan base. Pride & Joy is touted as an “American Mild,” but the hop profile in this brew screams “Pale Ale.” The aroma is punctuated with sharp, pungent blasts of American hops, redolent of pine forests, tangerine peel and even traces of mango and lychee nut. There is some malt lurking behind the hops, but it is only there as a supporting actor. Rick thought the hop aromas were a bit much and felt they completely blew away the malt, almost to the point where the beer became “one-dimensional.” Tim came down on the other side of the hop argument and had high praise for the “bright citrusy” and “grapefruit” aromas, noting that the hops drove the train but the malt was definitely on board. This is a sparkling, burnished gold beer that throws a fluffy, rocky, white head, reinforcing that this is definitively a pale ale. The flavor, laced through at every level with piquant hop flavors, is superbly balanced, showcasing a smooth, faintly honey-like malt base. Pete and Tom both commented on the “resiny” hop flavors, but Pete felt the character was just a little too coarse. Tom enjoyed the rough hop edges and offered that they worked exceptionally well with the sweet, honey-accented malt. This may be a “small beer,” but it has tons of character, and regardless of how the brewers classify Pride & Joy, it will satisfy any discerning beer drinker.