Video Presentation of Your Official Reviews


Production & Promotional Fee
$350.00 per video

Program Overview
The Beer Connoisseur® host Doug Piper will present your favorable beer or cider reviews in a 120-180-second video.

Doug will introduce your beverage and then read the judge’s evaluation during a filmed segment that features close-ups of the pour in your brewery's logo'd glass, along with a stylized close-up of the can/bottle rotating on a turntable.

Doug then concludes by encouraging viewers to find your beverage by contacting you through your website, or by navigating to your beer finder. An ending slide, featuring the beer's score and other details, closes out the video.

The video is then delivered to our audience as an editorial "video review" on the following channels:

  1. Optimized SEO article at (2.2MM)
  2. Added to video player on that populates within articles and as a site sticky pop-up (2.2MM)
  3. Daily Editorial eNewsletter - Friday, Official Review (50K)
  4. Daily Editorial eNewsletters - Monday, "Last Week on The Beer Connoisseur" (50K)
  5. Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest (125k)

Great for Social Media!

The videos are produced square at 1080x1080, which is optimal for social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

You may promote the YouTube video on your own website, social media channels and other digital platforms.

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Video Examples

St. Feuillien FIVE by Brasserie St. Feuillien (Go To Article Page)


Tierra Madre by Mother Earth Brew Co. (Go To Article Page)