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The Best Beers of 2023 by Style Category

The Best Beers of 2023 by Style Category

The year’s best beer categorized by the most populated beer styles in the 2023 Official Review. A one-stop shopping list of the best brews on shelves today.

The Best Beers of 2023 by Style Category

The beer world continued to turn in 2023, and an astonishing number of high-quality brews were produced by thousands upon thousands of breweries this past year.

Each year, we like to produce a list of some of the most interesting and populous style categories that our judges reviewed. Much like last year, IPAs were massive in 2023 – with hazy IPAs fully taking over our Official Review for the first time. Beyond that, barrel-aged beers were still popular, monastic ales such as Belgian dubbels and tripels were hot and various lager styles continued to gain traction.

Read on to discover some of the most flavorful and interesting beer styles from the year that was.

Top 25 IPAs of 2023 (All Styles)
Top 10 Hazy IPAs
Top 10 Double IPAs
Top 4 American IPAs
Top 5 Fruit Beers
Top 10 Specialty Wood-Aged and Wood-Aged Beers
Top 3 Spice, Herb or Vegetable Beers
Top 3 Pale Bitter European Beers
Top 3 International Pale Lagers
Top 5 Monastic Ales


Top 25 IPAs of 2023 (All Styles)

1. Classic Hazy Double IPA
Garage Brewing Co.
Rated 99

2. Hopcelot
Lawson's Finest Liquids
Rated 97

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