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The Best Breweries of 2018




Second Runner-Up: Brauhaus Riegele

One World Class Beer & Two Exceptional Beers

Total Score: 284

Highest-scoring beers:

Privat – 98

Riegele Augustus – 94

Riegele Noctus 100 – 92


Brauhaus Riegele of Augsburg, Germany rounds out our top three candidates for Brewery of the Year in 2018.

The headlining beer in this year’s Official Review was Riegele’s Privat, an incredible Festbier that typifies the style in every facet. As one of only 10 scores of 98 that have ever been registered by our judges, Privat uses only the finest natural ingredients to produce elegant, subtle flavors that form a unique harmony exemplified by the balance of floral hops and freshly milled malt varietals.

Riegele Augustus is the “emperor of Weizenbocks,” according to the brewery, and it’s easy to see why. A strong alcohol content (8.0% ABV) combines with a robust malt bill of Steffi, Wheat and Munich to produce a strong, smooth beer with notes of banana, plum and clove.

Clocking in with a score of 92, Riegele Noctus 100 rounds out the brewery’s world-class and exceptional selections. An Imperial Stout at 10 percent ABV, this strong dark beer makes for a filling treat with a deep, rich flavor profile that offers complexity and balance.



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