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Summer 2021, Issue 55

Issue 55 has got plenty of zesty stories to keep you intrigued, starting with Jessica Zimmer delving deeply into The Emergence of Legal Marijuana in the United States. The past couple years have seen multiple states legalize or decriminalize marijuana – meaning the stigma attached to one of the hop plant’s closest relatives is dwindling.

Next up is Jo Caird making her debut within our pages with an important piece about offensive cultural representations on beer labels – something that is, regrettably, still happening at an alarming rate.

Then, Owen Ogletree chimes in with a helpful article that details a few of the most frequently occurring Off-Flavors in Beer as well as some less harmful fermentation by-products. That’s followed up by Clayton Schuster aiding burgeoning social media mavens with tips, tricks and guidance on how to photograph beer for IG and other platforms.

After that is an editorial recap of the Craft Beer Marketing Awards, which awards the finest in design and marketing in the craft beer world with Crushie Awards (of which this editor was a judge). 

Then, we showcase the craft beer world at large’s favorite style by detailing 17 breweries that deserve special credit for their IPAs.

Dionne Roberts swings by with an engagingly mouthwatering piece about Mexican Corn, providing four delectable dishes and respective beer pairings, and lastly Jim Dykstra scoots over to Seedstock Brewery in Denver, Colorado to sample some of the brewery’s far-flung historical styles.

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The Emergence of Legal Marijuana Across the US
Jessica Zimmer explores the changing laws regarding legal marijuana across the United States.

Offensive Representations on Beer Labels: Why Do They Keep Happening?
Craft beer has long been focused on pushing the envelope in terms of flavor and style, but sometimes that can lead to offensive beer names and artwork. Jo Caird explores why this keeps happening and how brewers can change.



Identifying Off-Flavors in Beer
Owen Ogletree offers up details on the most common off-flavors and fermentation by-products you might find in your pint tonight.

Best Phones & Techniques for Social Media Beer Photography
Sharing a rare pint or a backlit brew on social media is a special treat for beer fans, so Clayton Schuster offers up recommendations and tips for crafting that perfect beer shot.





Craft Beer Marketing Awards: Who Crushed the Crushies in 2021
The Craft Beer Marketing Awards took place over a few months back, so we took a look at the winners and drew some conclusions about the future of marketing in the industry.

17 Great IPA Breweries
IPAs remain the most popular (and most lucrative) beer style around, so Jonathan Ingram took a look at 17 notable breweries that staked their claim to the style from the start.



4 Delicious Mexican Corn Dishes with Beer Pairings
Mexican Corn (aka Elotes) is an extremely popular and delicious dish. Dionne Roberts spoke with four talented chefs to provide recipes for this easy-to-make, delectable meal.

Seedstock Brewery Tour
Seedstock Brewery in Denver, Colorado goes beyond the standard "IPA, lager, sour, dark beer, hard seltzer" lineup that most modern breweries employ by brewing rare, antiquated styles such as fredersdorfer, broyhan and gruit.



Official Review
Single-blind reviews from our panel of experts. Featuring St-Feuillien FIVE, Samuel Adams Wicked Easy, Arches Yurei, Church Street Heavenly Helles and more!

Brewer Q & A
Brewers share secrets of their highest-scoring beers.

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