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Travel 2016, Issue 24

This issue, we decided to dig a little deeper into the brewniverse to uncover some lesser-known yet bustling beer scenes: We journey north to Grand Rapids, home to far more than just Founders, venture all the way to the Baltic for a look at the up-and-coming Estonian craft beer scene, stop in Poland for some traditional recipes and pairings straight from the heartland, and enjoy a change of pace in the fresh air and earthy vibe of Wyoming's Grand Teton Brewing with head brewer Rob Mullin.

We'll also chat about the cultural effect craft is having on the world with an American beer icon, Bob Leggett, who has been bringing the US some of the world's best beer for over four decades with Arisanal Imports.

In keeping with our global theme, we've got expert reviews for styles that span the globe along with corresponding Brewer Q & As from some of the finest minds in brewing.

So whether you're on a flight or sipping a flight, enjoy the 24th issue of The Beer Connoisseur!

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From the Editors


Industry News



Innovators Series: Bob Leggett of Artisanal Imports
We get transatlantic to learn how Leggett helped shape some of beer's biggest brands.

Brewing With: Rob Mullin
Ditch the city with the brewer behind some of the most treasured beers in the Gem State.

Abita calls on the natural resources of Louisiana to produce
beers as distinctive as the Creole and Cajun cultures.

Journey to the Midwestern Beer Mecca
Discovering why the town that brought us Gerald Ford is now "Beer City, USA."


Colorado Beer Adventure Giveaway
Win the beer adventure of a lifetime – a trip to the GABF and more!

Style Studies
We venture outside the realm of the BJCP to talk Table Beers, then return to delve into Red IPAs.

Connoisseur’s Corner
Tampa's red hot Cigar City Brewing lights up the craft beer universe.





Homespun Polish Sweet and Savories
Sherry Dryja brings you homespun dishes from the heart of Polonia.

The Baltic Bronsons of Põhjala
We track down Estonia's most esteemed ale-smiths.

Festivals & Events
Warm weather brings cool beer events around the nation.


Beer Review
Our expert judges review brews from Alpine, Sixpoint, FATE and many more!

Brewer Q & A
Brewers share secrets of their most highly rated beers.

Seasonals & Hot New Releases
Tasty treats from breweries nationwide, separated by region.

Product Review: Beer Cap Maps
Beer Cap Maps give a whole new meaning to the phrase "popping caps."


The European Report

European News
Beer gets Silly in Belgium, Sharp in the UK, and we Czech stats while Sierra Nevada brings Mahrs from Germany.