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Winter 2022, Issue 58

The 2021 Beer in Review

It’s that time again: In your hands you’re holding the annual print edition of The Beer Connoisseur magazine and, in this case, our 58th issue. 2021 was a year that saw the continued prevalence of COVID19, but with people getting sick of being cooped up indoors with naught to do, many businesses (and governments) opted to open back up in meaningful ways.

That means that brewery taprooms were reopened, and breweries got back to doing what they do best: producing high-quality brews for their devoted patrons. With that in mind, we delved into a variety of interesting topics in this issue – both looking backward on the year that was, as well as into 2022 for what the future may bring to the industry.

As always, our section devoted to the top-rated beers and breweries of the year is the reason for the season, and this year’s Top 150 Beers of the Year is of particular note. We received a record 13 beer submissions that achieved World Class scores of 96 or above, including a staggering eight beers that notched ratings of at least a 97 – that’s truly incredible work from this year’s brewers, and these beers should be sought out above all others in the new year (if they’re still available, that is).

Our Best Breweries of the Year section also features an unprecedented achievement: For the first time in our history, a brewery has submitted a staggering three beers that received World Class ratings of 96 or above – making them our runaway Brewery of the Year for 2021. Who is it, you ask? You’ll have to read on to find out!

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