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Beer Review (Issue 22)


Judging Process
Our reviews are conducted in a single-blind tasting format. This method provides the best opportunity to rely on facts and to avoid favoritism, ensuring a level playing field for all brewers. It serves both the industry and the consumer to have unbiased and objective scores from qualified experts. To best implement this approach, the Judges Review is open to those with established experience as a Master Cicerone® from the Cicerone® Certification Program or as a judge that has accomplished the rank of National or higher from the Beer Judge Certification Program. In the single blind tasting format, judges are presented with a chilled, properly poured beer and given its style category. Scoring is then done on the following basis using a 100-point scale:

Score Breakdown
100 to 96: World Class 
 You need this beer in your life.
95 to 91: Exceptional  Don’t hesitate.
90 to 86: Very Good  A brew to savor.
85 to 75: Average – Somewhat unimpressive.
74 and below: Not Recommended  Just walk away.


World Class (100 to 96)

by Joseph Formanek
Upland Brewing Co.

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Brewer Q & A


by Joseph Formanek
Revolution Brewing

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