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Brewer Q & A (Issue 26)

Brewers answer questions about some of their highest-rated brews.

99 Rating – Tree House Brewing Co. – King JJJuliusss

Read the Q & A with Tree House founder and head brewer Nate Lanier.

97 Rating – De Proef Brouwerij & Trillium Brewing Co. – Bouket

Read the Q & A with Trillium founder and head brewer Jean-Claude Tetreault.

97 Rating – Brouwerij Rodenbach – Alexander

Read the Q & A with Rodenbach master brewer Rudi Ghequire.


96 Rating – Brouwerij Rodenbach – Vintage 2013

Read the Q & A with Rodenbach master brewer Rudi Ghequire.

96 Rating – Summit Brewing Co. – 30th Anniversary Keller Pils

Read the Q & A with Summit head brewer Damian McConn.

96 Rating – Avery Brewing Co. – Expletus

Read the Q & A with Avery chief "Barrel Herder" Andy Parker.

94 Rating – Ozark Beer Co. – Ozark Double IPA

Read the Q & A with Ozark founder and head brewer Andy Coates.

94 Rating – Champion Brewing Co. – Shower Beer

Read the Q & A with Champion founder Hunter Smith.

94 Rating – T.W. Pitchers' Brewing Co. – T.W. Pitchers' Radler

Read the Q & A with T.W. Pitchers' founders/owners Wilson Barr and Tommy Hester.

93 Rating – Short's Brewing Co. – Hi-Dilly-Ho

Read the Q & A with Short's brewers Mike McQuiston and Ryan Hale.

93 Rating – Two Roads Brewing Co. – Lil' Heaven

Read the Q & A with Two Roads Director of Brewing Operations John Rehm.

92 Rating – Boulevard Brewing Co. – Frequent Flier

Read the Q & A with Boulevard brewer Jeremy Danner.

92 Rating – Fulton Beer – 300

Read the Q & A with Fulton head brewer Mikey Salo.

92 Rating – Revolution Brewing – Crystal Hero

Read the Q & A with Revolution head brewer Jim Cibak.

92 Rating – T.W. Pitchers' Brewing Co. – Snake Bite

Read the Q & A with T.W. Pitchers' founders/owners Wilson Barr and Tommy Hester.

92 Rating – Bull & Bush Brewery – Genessee Mountain Rainbow Espresso Oatmeal Stout

Read the Q & A with Bull & Bush Minister of Progress Erik Peterson.

92 Rating – Avery Brewing Co. – Callipygian

Read the Q & A with Avery Chief "Barrel Herder" Andy Parker.

91 Rating – Brouwerij Boon – Oude Geuze Boon Black Label

Read the Q & A with Brouwerij Boon founder and owner Frank Boon.

91 Rating – Double Mountain Brewery – Molten Lava

Read the Q & A with the Double Mountain brewing team.

All photos courtesy of their respective breweries.


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