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Beer Review (Issue 21)


Very Good (86-90)

86  |  Hop Lava, Double Mountain Brewery, by Randy Scorby
86  |  Heavy Lifting IPA, Boulevard Brewing Co. by John C. Tull
86  |  Grapefruit Sculpin, Ballast Point Brewing Co. by Garrick Van Buren
86  |  Green Head IPA, Newburyport Brewing Co. by Rodney A. Tillinghast
86  |  Raja, Avery Brewing Co. by Michael McGuire

86  |  Yeast Wrangler, Holy City Brewing by Garrick Van Buren
86  |  Funnel Cake, Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing Co. by James Link

86  |  1916 Shore Shiver, Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing Co. by James Link

Average (75-85)

85  |  Back In Black, 21st Amendment Brewery, by Richard Wong
85  |  Stickee Monkee,
 Firestone Walker Brewing Co. by Jim Koebel
85  |  Piety, NOLA Brewing Co. by Tom Cannon
85  |  Fist City, Revolution Brewing, by Dan Preston
85  |  Red Sky at Morning, Heavy Seas Beer, by Graham L. Barron
85  |  Samuel Adams Pumpkin Batch, Boston Beer Co. by Rick Franckhauser
84  |  Scattered Sun
, Southbound Brewing Co. by Joseph Formanek
​84  |  Anti-Hero IPA, Revolution Brewing, by Dan Preston
84  |  DBA, Firestone Walker Brewing Co. by Michael Heniff
84  |  Interurban IPA, Fremont Brewing, by S.J. Klein
84  |  Toaster Pastry, 21st Amendment Brewery, by Richard Wong
84  |  The Poet, New Holland Brewing Co. by Richard Wong
84  |  Oarsman Ale, Bell's Brewery, by Sean Coughlin
84  |  Old Pro, Union Craft Brewing, by Jim Koebel
83  |  Flagship, Grey Sail Brewing of Rhode Island, by Rodney A. Tillinghast
83  |  Wrought Iron IPA, Abita Brewing Co. by Jim Koebel
83  |  Framboise BoonBrouwerij Boonby Garrick Van Buren
83  |  Roughtail IPA, Roughtail Brewing Co. by Jim Koebel
82  |  Tell-Tale Tart, Boulevard Brewing Co. by John C. Tull
82  |  IRA, Double Mountain Brewery, by Randy Scorby
82  |  Chrome Satan, Hilliard's Beer, by Rick Franckhauser
81  |  Oatmeal Porter, Highland Brewing Co. by Dan Preston
81  |  Brooklyn East IPA, Brooklyn Brewery, by Joseph Formanek
80  |  Baby Daddy, Speakeasy Ales & Lagers, by Josh Weikert
80  |  Pecan Harvest Ale, Abita Brewing Co. by Jim Koebel
80  |  Universale Pale Ale, Fremont Brewing, by S.J. Klein
​80  |  Revolution Oktoberfest, Revolution Brewing, by Dan Preston
78  |  Take 5, Harpoon Brewery, by Garrick Van Buren
76  |  KashmirHighland Brewing Co. by Dan Preston
75  |  The Calling, Boulevard Brewing Co. by John C. Tull
75  |  Quintaceratops, Brooklyn Brewery, by Josh Weikert


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